Thank you for thinking about us! We would love to worship with you.
UPDATE : All Services are Broadcast Online or via Zoom (Sunday School Ages 2-10)
  • What is it like?

           Our Services are Pure and Straight to the point. We don't spend a lot of time just talking, and talking it's about the worship! Praise, Prayer, Worship, Preaching - Teaching, one Offering and The benediction!

  • What about my kids? 

          Our Children have their own worship space, choir, classes, etc. We have a number of youth fellowship events throughout the year to help build character and service! Please ask to see our youth director Sis Tonia Bailey. She is present at the end of every service and easily accessible. (a very dedicated fun lady)

  • Where do I park? 

         Plenty of parking both parking lots belong to the church. Entrance is through the rear of the church double doors. You will enter into our beautiful fellowship hall and someone will direct you to our sanctuary.

  • What do I wear?

      Ahaaaaaa  we are glad you asked! Our motto is come as you are! You will find a great diversity of dress in our services! We love to say "God looks on the inside not on the outside". You will see some people fully traditional church dress, suite, tie, and even an occasional church hat! But you will also see, jeans, cut offs, work clothes, etc. No body is judging or looking at what someone else is wearing! 

  • How can I get connected? Please just Come! if you have additional questions email our pastor He will be glad to answer your questions or forward you to the right person. Service starts 10:00 AM, and we are done most Sundays by 12:00 noon
  • What is the mission of your ministry? 

        The drive of our ministry is outreach! We serve the community with a number of resources, from food, clothing, eye glasses, job prep, etc. We have an anointing for outreach and service! If you really want to see us at work, come to one of our resource days!